Thursday, January 25, 2007

Finding the Perfect Lamp... by Maz

Thanks to Maz at Style Treaty for this contribution, Maz if you want my opinion, sell a few of your large collection of gorgeous handbags on ebay and splash out on the Louis Mulcahy lamp!

I am currently on the lookout for the perfect table lamp so I said I’d share my current favourites with the MTeriors readers.

My living room (in a rented apartment) is painted cream, the curtains are cream and unfortunately the couch is a multitude of colours including blue, pink and green!! I don’t necessarily want the lamp to match the sofa as I wont be living here for ever and I’d rather just get something neutral that could be used in another room, in another house, another time.

This is probably my favourite one and is from Louis Mulcahy, the brown is quite neutral and would probably match most modern living rooms. The base is aprx €287 and the shade would be extra. Therefore this one is off the realistic list as I definitely can’t afford that.

Homebase have a nice selection as well. (I’ve just noticed that Homebase and Argos carry very similar stock, the photos are even the same).

This one is £15 and is in
Argos as well. I like the shape and the fabric of this lamp although by all accounts my other half doesn’t like these at all so maybe this is off the list as well. (Notice I said “maybe”)

I love this one but it wouldn’t suit my living room at all. It’s £25 also at Homebase and probably Argos.

They also have a nice range in
Atlantic Homecare and this is my favourite, it’s €89.99.

They also have a great selection in
Instore but they are pretty expensive, unfortunately they only have furniture up on the Instore website at the moment so no pictures.

Dunnes also do some nice lamps, like this one from the Paul Costello range which is €60.

Hopefully, these will give you some idea of what’s available at the moment, the lamps featured vary in price as well so there should be something to suit everyone.


Margaret said...

Argos and Homebase are part of the same group, hence the similarity of their stock.

Aphrodite said...

I've got a couple of Louis Mulcahy lamps... and vases... and a gorgous piggie money box (I could go on!) I love the stuff it's so gorgeous.
Loving the site Mary - great idea!

MT said...

Glad to hear I'm not the only one with an addiction so!

aphrodite said...

yeah there's just something about the rich lucious glazes he uses, the light from the lamp pools over the fuschia motif... mmmm - the black is my favourite! Also the shades that go with them are fab - his wife designed them didn't she?

MT said...

Oh I hadn't realised that, well she is artistic, she designs textiles and has a weaving shop so it's quite possible!