Wednesday, February 28, 2007

European Chic

I think this bedside cabinet by Minnie Peters is fabulous! There are strong European influences in all of Minnie's furniture and this piece, named "Regence Commode" has definite regal influences.

I also love this De Fontenoy, 15th Century Style bookcase...

In fact I love most of the pieces from Minnie Peter's collection so expect to see a few more pieces here from time to time! Minnie is based in Dublin and has been collecting furniture and accessories from Europe for the past 12 years. To see more click here.

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Rock a Bye Baby

I love how this cradle looks, there's something very traditional about it and it looks so peaceful with the fabric draped around it, if only they made one big enough for adults!

The cradle is from Danish designers Leanderform who say that they "think at the level of the baby and the child. We experience the world through our little ones' need for comfort and development". The natural swinging motion of this cradle is said to provide a soothing environment for baby by simulating motion in the womb. It comes with 3 ceiling pins so you can transport it around the house.

Also available is this teepee style tripod made from natural wood, I think this really completes the look beautifully.

You can find out more about Leanderform from their website by clicking here. There are local stockists in the Wilton Shopping Centre Cork, Ennis Co. Clare and Macroom Co. Cork. For other stockists nationwide click here.

pictures from

Chair Bench Update!

I mentioned in the previous post that I couldn't find a picture of the chair bench fully extended. Brigid Sealy, the designer of this clever chairbench kindly sent me on a picture so here it is!

The bench shown above is made from beech but Brigid has also made them in cherry and teak and in the near future, walnut (my favourite!).

Take a look at to find out more.

Monday, February 26, 2007

Brigid Sealy Chair Bench

This solid beech chair is hand-made in Ireland. The great thing about this chair is its versatility as it doubles up as a bench - very handy if you have a few extra people for dinner occasionally but don't have enough space to store extra chairs.

I couldn't find a picture of the chair fully extended as a bench but I think you get the idea from these pictures. The chair costs €600. (incl. VAT and delivery) so its not exactly cheap but it is a great novelty item.

I found the chair on

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Reviving an Old Table

If you want to brighten up an old table, or add character to a plain table you should get a piece of glass cut to the size of the table and put some lace underneath. Here's a picture of what we've done to my mother's table with a large piece of Brussel's Lace.

In this case the table wasn't old, in fact it was brand new. However seeing as the table is pine, which marks easily, this was the perfect way to protect it.

I've also seen this done on an old coffee table, but instead of lace there were old black & white family photographs underneath the glass - a wonderful way of displaying your photos!

We got the glass from our table from Martin Begley Glass, Co. Limerick
063/9 07 44 but most Glass Glazers will do the same.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Inspirational Living Areas

Here are two rooms that I would love to have in my house some day! An inspirational Living room and an inspirational Dining Room. Both rooms are by Jessica Nixon.

The lights in the Living Room above add a slight Eastern touch to the room and the plants somehow lighten the dark furniture and bring some of the outdoors indoors.

I think the Dining Room below is stunning, I think the key to this room is the hanging lights, the space the designer had to work with really makes this, although the look could be achieved with a lower ceiling, it wouldn't be quite so stunning but would still be pretty impressive. I'm really in the mood for anything clustered recently - little picture frames clustered on a wall, or little mirrors, I think that's why I'm drawn to this dining room with its cluster of hanging lights!

Congratulations Style Treaty!

Congratulations to Maz at Style Treaty! Style Treaty has made it onto the shortlist for Best Newcomer at the Irish Blog Awards! Thanks to everyone who voted and Best of Luck to Maz on the night!

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Tradition v Contemporary

I'm a big fan of anything made from natural materials, I think it adds such warmth and tradition to any room. That's why I love these baskets by Joe Hogan, a basketmaker from Co. Galway. Joe is an expert basket maker who's been in business since 1978. He uses only the best willows, grown at Loch na Fooey, Co. Galway, to make his baskets.

I love the way he merges modern designs with such a traditional art. Here are some pieces from his Contemporary Range.

He also has some gorgeous traditional pieces like this cradle...

...this shopping basket...

... or, I know I wouldn't get much use out of it but I love this lobster pot!

All pieces are made to order, to find out more about Joe Hogan, visit his website by clicking here. You can also find out about basket-making courses run by Joe!

Monday, February 19, 2007

Leather Dining Chairs

These gorgeous brown leather dining chairs are available from Heatons for €99.95.

These chairs are so trendy and the moment, and comfortable too! If you don't have a large dining area that would have room for these chairs then why not just buy one and put it in your hallway next to a phone table.

Friday, February 16, 2007

Sunwashed Linen in a Jar!

I really can't stand over-powering room freshners like sprays or those plug-in things you can get. I find the fragrance so artifical and smothering. Anyone who's a fan of scented candles will tell you that the only ones to buy are Yankee Candles. They are the only scented candles I've found that actually smell when they're lighting and not just when you put them right under your nose!

My favourite is the Sunwashed Linen candle, my bedroom is never without one of these candles. Yankee also have a "food" range with scents such as Berry Crumble and Caramel Pecan - sounds delicious!

Prices start at approx. €2.50 for the little one shown below (bought at the florist in the Castletroy Shopping Centre, Limerick). I think the largest jar candle is approx. €30. It sounds like a lot for a candle but they really are worth it. You can also get Yankee Candles from the florist in Arthurs Quay, Limerick. Or for slightly cheaper prices (before post & packing) online.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Beaded Bedside Lamps

I picked up this lamp in Heatons last week. Well actually I picked up two of them. I had been looking for a lamp for a while and I'd seen plenty in other stores that were over-budget but these were on sale in Heatons for €12.50 - what a bargain!

Here's a close up of the base...

I love the beaded detail on the shade...

...and it goes great with this silk, beaded two-tear ceiling light shade that I got from Argos.

The two lamps are for bed-side tables, the bedroom is a work in progress but I'll post up pictures when its done. The lamps are also available in Heatons in the cream colour with a square shade or in a gorgeous deep wine colour.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Venetian Interiors

I think these are just beautiful interiors. The first two images are of a hotel room I stayed in, in Venice in December and I just fell in love with it.

The walls were padded silk and the bed linen, curtains and walls were all variations of the same pattern. It sounds terrible when described like that but it worked so well and it achieved such a perfect Venetian look. The floors were marble and all of the furniture, including the headboard was hand-painted. This image is of another room in the hotel.

If you're planning a trip to Venice then I definitely recommend staying in the hotel Ca'Dogaressa to make your trip extra special. It's also very reasonable, we stayed two nights and paid €208. in total for the room with breakfast. Romantic Valentine's surprise perhaps...?

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Tea Time Accessories

If you've got a modern kitchen, with some chrome or stainless steel then here are a few tea-time accessories that would look great.

This glass kettle is from Beaumark. It's got a concealed element and the glass body means that you can watch the water come to the boil, ok I'm sure the novelty would wear off that after 2 or 3 times but I still think it's a really funky item!

This tea press tea pot is from Bodum. I actually have this one thanks to Maz who brought it back from Chicago for me (as I'm a tea addict it was a very useful gift!). I like my tea quite weak so this pot is great as it's got a little plunger that you push down when the tea has reached your desired strength and that stops the brewing process - very swanky!

This kettle is also from Bodum. The Osiris Kettle was originally designed for the Museum of Modern Art. Its got a uniquely constructed bottom that quicky conducts heat from your kitchen hob (gas or electric) to boil the water.

Bodum items are available in Ireland at Brown Thomas. Some items are also available online from The Kitchen Dresser.

Patio Clock

I found this weather resistant Garden Clock at Argos for just €12.99. There's something really vintage about it and I think it would look great on a patio. It's dual-sided so very practical too!

picture from

Monday, February 12, 2007


Style Treaty has been nominated for Best Newcomer in the Irish Blog Awards! To read the article click here. Oh and don't forget to vote!

Fraser Armchair

I know I said that I have to have the hug salt & pepper shakers that I posted about on Friday, but I really, really have to have this chair, well I have to have a pair of them actually. I fell in love with them a few months back when we saw them in Instore. The website describes the Fraser Chair as "something an off-duty bond girl might curl up in!".

They are available in Red and Brown leather. The Red is currently out of stock nationwide but is due back in late March / early April.

I think it's the adjustable headrest that makes the chair. As my better half said last week "I dare anyone to sit on that chair and not adjust the headrest".

Now there are just two questions to be answered:
1. Can I afford to spend €599. on one chair? No...
2. Will I? ...probably...maybe next year if Instore still has them and if I save like crazy in the meantime...

pictures from

Friday, February 9, 2007

Hug Shaker

Isn't this the cutest Salt & Pepper Shaker you've ever seen! I found it on elsewares. It costs $12. which works out about €9. (before postage & packing). The good news is that they do ship internationally. I think I have to have it...

Inspirational Kid's Rooms

I found these images on one of my favourite blogs Absolutely Beautiful Things. I think these kids' bedrooms are just stunning. It's so nice to see something different in children's rooms. The kids' rooms in some homes can often be cheap & cheerful, people are sometimes reluctant to invest much in this room as chances are it will have to be changed in a short few years, which is perfectly valid, but just look at what can be done with just a little extra thought and attention.

The basis of each of these rooms; walls, floor, furniture, are items that can see a child from their toddler through to their teenage years, its the accessories and soft furnishings that make the room what it is. The walls can be freshened with a lick of paint every few years and the accessories can be changed whenever needs be.

There's a full selection of beautiful kid's rooms and nurseries at Serena & Lily.

Thursday, February 8, 2007

Guest Post on Style Treaty

I did a guest post on Style Treaty this morning on Darlings Who Dine. Click here to read it.

Love Them or Hate Them..?

These are two items I've been pondering over and I just can't decide if I love them or hate them!

The first one is a Julien bench toilet that Maz from Style Treaty brought to my attention. It's an uber-trendy piece that offers a sophisticated disguise to a functional and generally unnattractive item. The wood panel slides across the toilet bowl when not in use. I'm just thinking about the age-old argument about putting the toilet seat down, if that still hasn't been resolved then this is opening a whole new can of worms!

I think I like it, it's the kind of thing that would look great in a chic restaurant or swanky penthouse apartment, but would look ridiculous in a regular home.

picture from

The second item is an ipod toilet paper holder and I've already decided while I'm writing this that I do in fact hate it. I'm an ipod addict but I draw the line at this. I like the idea of having music in the bathroom when you're having a long hot shower or bath but I think this just looks tacky...

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Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Unusual Designs by Marc Owen

Some of the most unusual objects I've seen lately have to be part of designer Marc Owens' collection. I came across his website last night and saw that he has an OCD project, designed specifically for people suffering from Obsessive Compulsive Disorder! I find it such an unusual idea but I guess there is a market for it out there, I wonder if there are any other designers doing this?

His items include an OCD Light Switch. He explains that the compulsion of switching on and off the light switch is the most widely known example of obsessive compulsive behavior. This switch has a counter that allows you to see how many times you have switched it on and off.

He has also designed a Symmetry Frame. Its basically a picture frame with a spirit level built in. He explains that the reasoning behind this is to make "the process of straightening your photographs and pictures quick and easy, and would leave the more obsessive user with no doubt over the perpendicular angle at which it sits."

Another one of his designs is a peep-hole brush. This is a scrubbing brush with a magnifying glass built in to allow "the user to inspect the surface or object they may be cleaning with a greater satisfaction of its ultimate cleanliness".

There are also some nice regular items in his collection. I love this tandem umbrella! Handy for a romantic walk on a rainy afternoon! Although it would probably cause more fights than anything else...

All of these items and more can be seen at