Friday, February 16, 2007

Sunwashed Linen in a Jar!

I really can't stand over-powering room freshners like sprays or those plug-in things you can get. I find the fragrance so artifical and smothering. Anyone who's a fan of scented candles will tell you that the only ones to buy are Yankee Candles. They are the only scented candles I've found that actually smell when they're lighting and not just when you put them right under your nose!

My favourite is the Sunwashed Linen candle, my bedroom is never without one of these candles. Yankee also have a "food" range with scents such as Berry Crumble and Caramel Pecan - sounds delicious!

Prices start at approx. €2.50 for the little one shown below (bought at the florist in the Castletroy Shopping Centre, Limerick). I think the largest jar candle is approx. €30. It sounds like a lot for a candle but they really are worth it. You can also get Yankee Candles from the florist in Arthurs Quay, Limerick. Or for slightly cheaper prices (before post & packing) online.


maz said...

I just left a comment and my page crashed as it was posting it so I'd say it's lost in cyberspace!! Anyway the gist of it was that I share your obsession with Yankee Candles. They are definitely worth the price as they burn slower than normal candles too.

The Hangar Queen said...

The big ones last forever.My fave is the "Clean Cotton" one.They are so subtle and unobtrusive I sometimes forget I've a candle burning.

MT said...

I know what you mean - I've often fallen asleep with one lighting by my bed - not a great idea!