Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Tea Time Accessories

If you've got a modern kitchen, with some chrome or stainless steel then here are a few tea-time accessories that would look great.

This glass kettle is from Beaumark. It's got a concealed element and the glass body means that you can watch the water come to the boil, ok I'm sure the novelty would wear off that after 2 or 3 times but I still think it's a really funky item!

This tea press tea pot is from Bodum. I actually have this one thanks to Maz who brought it back from Chicago for me (as I'm a tea addict it was a very useful gift!). I like my tea quite weak so this pot is great as it's got a little plunger that you push down when the tea has reached your desired strength and that stops the brewing process - very swanky!

This kettle is also from Bodum. The Osiris Kettle was originally designed for the Museum of Modern Art. Its got a uniquely constructed bottom that quicky conducts heat from your kitchen hob (gas or electric) to boil the water.

Bodum items are available in Ireland at Brown Thomas. Some items are also available online from The Kitchen Dresser.

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