Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Ideas or Inspirations?

My little nephew's bedroom is in the process of being decorated by his parents. While I was looking for inspiration for them I stumbled across some wonderful kid's furniture by German company HABA.

Waking up in one of these beds every morning would feed any child's imagination!

Summer House Bed

Sleeping Beauty Bed

This cloud couch is designed deep enough for kids to lie down, while parents sit comfortably to read them stories.

Rugs create the ideal play area, here are a few nice ones from HABA

Ok I've just gone through putting up this entire post, only to discover that HABA is not available in Ireland... Lets just call the items above "ideas" or "inspirations"! The beds would be easy enough to replicate if you know a good carpenter, or if you live in one of the countries listed here you're sorted!


Gypsy Purple said...

What lovely post this is!!!!

MT said...

Thanks Gypsy!