Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Limerick Now

All of the other Limerick bloggers have done a post on this so I thought I'd better jump on the bandwagon!

Limerick Now is a new glossy mag dedicated to all things Limerick! I picked up my copy yesterday and had a quick look through it last night. It's basically a lifestyle magazine but focuses on whats available and whats happening in Limerick. The topics covered include health, beauty & fashion, food & drink and best of all: interiors!

The interiors feature this month tells you how to decorate your home in French Provence style. Its a nice article with some inspirational pictures, it gives tips on how to achieve the look such as:

  • Don't try to match the elements in your room. Furniture and accessories should look old and used, but not shabby.
  • Use large vintage mirrors, architectural elements (columns, corbels), garden statuary, black wireware, clocks, hat boxes, vintage candelabra, flowers, plants, china and delicate porcelain figurines to accessorize a Provence room.

The Interiors section in Limerick Now also has a "Colour Page", I'm guessing the idea is that they choose a colour each month and show you a collection of items in that colour that are available in Limerick. This month's colour is green, which happens to be my favourite colour! It features some lovely items from Meadows & Byrne, Debenhams and Next.

I think Limerick Now was well worth the €3.50 and I'm looking forward to seeing what the next edition has to offer!

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