Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Myths in Life

In my opinion, there are three great myths in life. Three items that everyone thinks exist, but in actual fact they don't, a bit like the Loch Ness Monster. These three items are:

1. A good can opener
2. A good iron
3. A good garlic crush / chopper

Well, I have a feeling that I may have unearthed a solution to the third one on the list above! I have a collection of garlic crushers at home that have all been used once before being discarded into the ""useless" drawer (it hasn't ocurred to me that the problem might be the person using these implements...). However, I just stumbled on this Garlic-Pro E-Zee Dice through Sur La Table and I think it may be the answer!

Twenty stainless steel blades perfectly dice garlic in seconds. Changes from coarse chop to fine dice with just a twist of its plastic top, all that for $19.95.


Maz said...

The microplane has been my saviour when it comes to garlic and ginger. I owe it all to Rachel Allen she always uses one. Here's the link

You can get the coarse micrplanes in The Kitchen Range but they are about €25 or €30 I paid $15 in The Spice House ( in Chicago.

lorraine@italianfoodies said...

So true in relation to all 3! Imagine how bad it is running a food business, our tin opener broke yesterday so I had to go to Dunnes and buy one and it wouldn't even open our big tins of tomatoes. We get our garlic crushers and tin openers from Italy, they are so cheap and actually work. I've paid a fortune for garlic crushers here and they never work! This one looks cool though!!