Thursday, August 16, 2007


Anna over at Absolutely Beautiful Things recently posted a beautiful picture of a beach party from Chez Fifi's blog and commented on the use of mis-matched chairs.

I love anything mis-matched, I think it makes for a much more lived in and interesting look than having everything looking the same. The mis-matched chairs in the pictures above got me thinking about Bazaar, a really interesting restaurant in Brussels (63 rue des capucins).

One of the things Bazaar is known for is its wonderful interior, the building is an old fabric factory (I love anything with a history!). The place is also known for its mis-matched chairs. There are ornate wrought iron chairs, hand-painted Morroccan style wooden chairs, unfortunately the website doesn't have pictures of the chairs but here are a few of the restaurant to give you a feel for the place...

One of the focal points of the restaurant is the hot air baloon above the bar...

I read in a guide book once that the decor of Bazaar was inspired by a dream that the owner had. The walls are draped with fabric and covered in broken mirrors.

Oh and I forgot to mention - the food is great too!


Maz said...

The table in the first picture is really cool. That would look great at a wedding or party of some sort. I'm torn at times between mismatched and matching - as you know I love plain white plates and bowls but I love my disney mugs to bits and would never dream of buying a set of matching mugs. Remember monika's kitchen table in friends - the chairs didn't match there either!!

MT said...

Oh yeah I hadn't thought of that in Friends, I love that apartment. Well you could always have a lived-in, mis-matched kitchen and then bring out the clean-cut, matching sets when you're entertaining!

Anna said...

What a wonderful looking restaurant!!! Glad you liked that Chez Fifi lunch at the beach pic!!