Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Stakefest 2007

Stakefest is taking place in the Racecourse Retail Park, Thurles all this week. A group of us took a trip down there yesterday to have a look, they have a really nice show-room with some beautiful pieces of furniture. There are activities for the kids every day, along with face painting and some free sweets!

There are also great offers on so if you are looking for something in particular it may be worth paying a visit there. There's a week full of activities planned with a key event every day. Yesterday's event was a head to head challenge between two designers. They had to create a living room and the winner was judged by RTE's Showhouse presenter Neville Knott (complete with fake tan and french manicured nails that would put Victoria Beckham to shame!) The competitors were just completing the wall finishes while we were there so unfortunately I got no pictures of the finished room.

I did pick up a couple of items to help feed my kitchen-gadget addiction, including this toast tongs, no more burnt fingers for me - don't know how I ever lived without it!

I got this spaghetti measure, I'm dying to give it a test run - spag bol will be on the menu tonight I think!

I got a couple of other items including a gravy spoon that has a hook half way down so you can hang it on the edge of your pot. All the items are from Gadget Barrell, they don't have a website I can shown you unfortunately as they have lovely bits and pieces.

To have a look at the rest of the events and to see whats on offer at the Stakefest, visit the website.

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Marion said...

Hi Mary T!

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