Thursday, January 18, 2007

Louis Mulcahy Wine Goblets

I absolutely love these wine goblets. My aim in life (one of my shallower ones...) is to be the proud owner of a full collection of Louis Mulcahy pottery. As a starting point a few months ago I bought one of these wine goblets from his Tenmoku range and I swear red wine tastes better if you drink it from one of these glasses. I got another one of these goblets as a Christmas present so I'm one step closer to my full collection!

The goblets are also available in his blue, green and navy range. I bought mine from his workshop in Ballyferriter Co. Kerry (if you're ever in the area, call in for a visit, the location is beautiful!). I think it was about €19.50 for the goblet. You can also get them from Carraig Donn in the Crescent Shopping Centre, Limerick or indeed any Carraig Donn gift ware shop. While I was on the louis mulcahy website, I went to the online shop and the goblets are around the same price but with shipping it adds up to €41.70 so I definitely wouldn't go down that route. For a list of other stores that stock his collection have a look on his website

Whenever I complete my collection, I'm going to throw a dinner party with the table set from head to toe in Louis Mulcahy pottery, just because!

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