Thursday, January 18, 2007

Tying the Perfect Parcel

For any of you that aspire to being a domestic god or goddess I've discovered the perfect book... Tying the Perfect Parcel - Everything you should know how to do, does exactly what it says on the tin - it tells you how to do hundreds of household chores (e.g. ironing a shirt, sewing on a button, packing a suitcase) that we apparently should be born knowing how to do! The best thing about the book is that it tells what to do in a friendly, witty and jargon-free way.

The inside sleeve tells us that the author, Rosemarie Jarski, having worked her way through Europe as an au-pair, has "a thorough knowledge of how to launder lederhosen, polish a flugelhorn, fricasee frogs' legs, and clean blood stains off a matador's costume, none of which was the slightest use in writing this book".

The book has a great section on Interior Design which gives general advice on how to create a fabulous room but also offers invaluable step-by-step guides on how to wallpaper around a light switch, how to measure for curtains, how to paint pipes and how to keep black flies away from your paint.

The most important thing to remember is that this book is not just for girls. Just because us girls weren't born knowing how to unblock a toilet or use an electric drill doesn't mean that you men were!

I got this book from the bookshop at Shannon airport for about €12.99 but you can get it from amazon for £5.99 before post & packing.

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