Thursday, March 8, 2007

A Collection of Coat-Hangers

I've been on the lookout for a nice wall-hook for coats recently and I thought I'd share a few of my favourites that I found on a website called Yesterdays.

I love this chestnut one beause its so traditional, I love the idea of leaving notes and messages for the rest of the family and there's even a little ledge to store your chalk (and to stop the dust getting all over your coat...). This one costs €99.00 with €5. worldwide shipping

This next one is, in my opinion, an even better version of the one above. My better half (incorrectly..) tells me that I'm an obsessive planner so if he was to buy me a coat hanger I'm sure this would be the one he'd pick! It costs €124.95 with €10. worldwide shipping.

The one shown below is so old-fashioned with the brass nameplates and chestnut base. It costs a very reasonable €19.95, €3. worldwide shipping

And if you'd like something a little different or more feminine (it is National Women's Day after all!) then this is a gorgeous piece. This one is made from hundreds of pieces of old mosaic tiles and is best described on the Yesterdays website by saying "A pastiche of gentle rose images on a mosaic background evokes playful childhood memories of scrapbooks and sticky fingers. What little girl wouldn't love to hang her coat up on these hooks..."

That one costs €59.95 with €5. worldwide shipping. Yesterdays has some really beautiful products, the website is well worth a look. There are stores in Cork and Kilkenny, but they ship worldwide.

On the website, Yesterdays describe themselves as having a "reputation [which] has been built on an ability to rediscover the forgotten beauty of the past".

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