Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Decisions Decisions

Designer's Block is a blog that I often look at. Every so often the designer will post up a couple of pictures and you have to choose which one is your favourite. Both pictures will be of a living room or a dining room or a bedroom or whatever, but both have gone for a very different look.

Well on that note, I was browsing through pictures of sitting rooms last night on Crowson and I found these three and I couldn't decide which one I preferred. In the end I decided that my favourite is the second one, Kaimana. I love how the designer wasn't afraid to use colour. It was a brave move to introduce all that pink into the room and it really brings the whole room to life.



West Coast

My second favourite is Alaska, but I decided that it was too cold to be really comfortable.

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Maz said...

My favourite is Alaska, In my parents last house the sitting room was that blue colour, and the sofa was cream leather. My moms curtains were navy and cream and they really warmed the room up, also, her furniture was dark wood so that made it a bit warmer.

I think there's too much going on in the other too!