Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Louis' Lights

You might know from previous posts that I'm a huge Louis Mulcahy fan! Well I was having a look on his website last night and I found these gorgeous lights.

Louis Mulcahy often uses strong colours, which I love, but these have a beautiful simplicity about them.

Prices for the conical lights shown above start at €114. (inc. VAT) for a small one or €170. (inc. VAT) for the large one. Prices are usually a little cheaper in the stores than online, as post & packing is quite high with the items being so fragile.

The pendant lamps shown below cost €102.80 for the small, €109.80 for the medium and €159.50 for the large, all including VAT.

I think the best way to hang any of these lights would be two or three (depending on your space and budget) in a straight line, low-hanging over a dining table. If you have a round dining table they would look equally great as a cluster hanging at different heights.

Visit the Louis Mulcahy site by clicking here.

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