Friday, March 16, 2007

Reader's Question

Was just having a read of your blog and saw your post about glass doorknobs… I wonder if you know of a good place to source crystal-type cabinet knobs? Either online or instore. Finding it very difficult to get ones that don’t have a big lump of white plastic at the base ...
Thanks, Lynda

I seem to be having the same problem as Lynda as most of the cabinet knobs I've come across have the chunky plastic base that you described. Some of the better ones I can find are shown below...

This one does have a chunky base but as its chrome instead of white plastic I think you'd get away with it. This one costs US$15. from Rejuvenation

Antique Hardware do an Astoria Glass Cabinet Knob for US$4.99, This one has slightly more detail in the glass so it may not suit every cabinet, but it has a glass base which you might prefer.

This is also a nice one, with a very simple base from Period Features It costs GB£6.50 before post & packing.

I spoke to Maeve from Yesterdays, where the door knobs in the last post came from and she has informed me that they have a selection of drawer pulls in brass/crystal that might suit the need. They cost a very reasonable €6.95. There are no pictures on the site yet but if you email her she can email you some pictures. You'll find Maeve's contact details through the yesterdays website.

Otherwise I'd suggest keeping an eye out in antique shops or fairs, you need a lot of patience for this but its so rewarding when you do eventually stumble across exactly what you're looking for! And finally, there's always ebay!

Feel free to email me with any more questions (that I may or may not be able to answer!) Contact details are in my profile.

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