Thursday, March 15, 2007

Door Knobs that Sparkle

If you want to feel like you're opening the door to a secret hideaway each time you enter your bedroom / living room then I've found what you need! I found these glass door knobs on yesterdays. I love the simplicity of the clear glass one and there's something so glamorous about the amethyst one, which would look great with in any room with a lot of black in it.

What a great way to finish off any room with a bit of charisma!

These cost €29.95 for a pair, €3. delivery cost (worldwide), not bad for an instant touch of glamour!


My Marrakech said...

I absolutely love, love and want one of these.

MT said...

I know - I do too! But after buying my New York Deli Cups earlier in the week I definitely can't afford any more purchases!

Maz said...

I love those too, I think they'd look fantastic on a bedroom door, especially from the inside, like you say "instant glamour"