Tuesday, March 13, 2007


I'm a big fan of tub chairs, I love a room where you have a matching set of furniture and then a mis-matched but co-ordinated tub chair. It can be a great way to introduce some pattern into an otherwise plain room.

I love these two that I found at Woodies. The detail in the pattern is eye-catching but not distracting.

The chairs cost €379.99 each from Woodies, if they're not exactly what your looking for then Argos have plain cotton covered tub chairs (click here to view) for €134.99 that could be easily covered in different fabric. If you go down this road then why not use a nicely patterened fabric, get a little extra and get some cushions made for your sofa (if it's plain) to carry the look throughout the room.

The closest Woodies to Limerick are in Tralee, Cork or Clonmel, but I've been told that there's one coming to Limerick very soon, it will be next to the Jetland Shopping Centre.

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Margaret said...

There's now a Woodie's in Nenagh as well, on the Limerick side, so only 30 minutes away!