Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Changing Rooms

My Dad bought me this book for Christmas, it was just a few months after I had qualified in Interior Design so he thought it would be a good practical present. Dad's are always great for buying practical presents, mine especially - he also bought me a torch to keep in the boot of my car, practical!

This turned out to be a great little book, if you are pretty good at putting a room together but you find yourself lacking in the final steps, the little decorative touches that transform the room to an actual designed space then this is the book for you.

Amazon review:

There are no wild premises or promises here. This is about handy hints to
update, transform, or liven up your home. According to Barker it's the
"essential finishing touches that bring a room scheme together and contribute so
much to the first impression as the owners walk through the door".

In the first section, Styling from Scratch, the main text (and there's
a lot of it) amounts to basic common sense about creating a new look home, with
advice such as covering sofas with throws, thinking about storage, and throwing
out clutter. This advice continues in the following section, Instant Make-overs,
which focuses on specific rooms. The eye-catching 5-minute facelift tips, are
largely sensible reminders: use floral patterns for a strong message, add a
sensual touch with throws, use lights for a sculptural as well as lighting

It's the final section, Makes, which is the strongest and which won't
disappoint fans of the Changing Rooms TV series. There are 25 projects to have a
go at, making this an adult child's delight. Choose from making laminated paper
blinds, Japanese style seating, or even the sunburst mirror--a an ideal handmade
Christmas present?!

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