Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Keep that Fire Burning in Summer

Despite all those global warming warnings I doubt we can be really guaranteed a Mediterranean summer here in Ireland just yet! In the event of some chilly evenings I think a patio fire is so much nicer than one of those big ugly patio heaters. I would light a fire inside nearly every day of the year as I think it brightens up the room so much, so this is the perfect way to give me a good excuse for lighting a log fire even in summer!

This one is from Unicahome and costs $450.

If the designer option isn't for you then there are plenty of the ones below available on with prices starting from around €72. I actually prefer this one! I think it would look great with some nice black wrought iron patio furniture with cream cushions.

I know that Lidl did a simple one for a much cheaper price last year, no doubt it will be coming soon again!

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** Terramia ** said...

I love a cozy fire on a summer evening... watching the sun cast rays of colour at dusk while the fire burns an amber glow. Everything and everyone is radiant at that time.