Tuesday, April 3, 2007

A Splash of Life

A nice rug is a great way to introduce colour and pattern into a room. With the minimalist and monochrome look so fashionable at the moment there seems to be a lot of quite plain looking living rooms around and I really think you can't beat a good splash of colour or pattern to bring a room to life.

If you have a blank canvas of a room to start with then I would recommend choosing a rug you love first and use that as your starting point for co-ordinating everything else in the room. If you already have your room furnished, there are so many beautiful rugs available at the moment that you shouldn't have too much trouble finding the perfect one to compliment your room.

Here are some nice ones I've found. The first three are from Hal Lou in Tralee. There are no prices on the website but you can check out the website here to find contact details etc.

The next three are from Habitat. I love these, I was in Habitat in Galway on Friday and I decided that I want to live there, yes right there in the store, it's my new favourite place!

Mosaic Rug €295.

Glasgow Rug €250 (small) €450 (large)

Decotrail Rug €450.

A Rug is also a great way to cut down on echo and noise in a room, especially if you have a solid wood floor.


Zita said...

I love that mosaic rug from Habitat too! Although what seems to be the exact same rug is available from www.shopdekko.ie for substantially less if anyone's interested! I'm in the market for a living room rug at the moment so keep 'em coming!!!

Maz said...

I really like that Mosaic one from Habitat, that would look great in a plain room!!

MT said...

Oooh that's good o know - thanks zita!