Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Absolutely Beautiful

Last week, Maz had the brainwave that all of the lovely lady Limerick bloggers should finally put faces to the posts and meet up. And that's exactly what myself, Maz, Laura and Lorraine did on Saturday night when we met for dinner and some vino in Limerick's new swanky Absolute Hotel.

If you fancy a few cocktails or Aperitif on a girl's night out then I would recommend the Absolute Hotel, the great thing about it is the decor, it makes you feel that you are somewhere special as soon as you walk in the door.

One of the nice things about the decor is that its not confined to the beige and cream of a lot of hotels and you will find a splash of colour and pattern here and there. Here's Maz waiting on one of the Damask patterened couches.

The attention to detail is superb, even their fire extinguishers look interior designed, in chrome so that they don't clash! Yes I did get a few funny looks when I was taking photos of the fire extinguishers...

A good night was had by all in these beautiful surroundings, we joked that the next time we meet up Lorraine can cook, Laura can be in charge of deserts, I can design the table settings and Maz can decide on all of our outfits!

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Laura said...

Ah yes those fire extinguishers. I seem to remember the waiter thought you wear ogling his legs!