Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Best Invention Ever!

I love cooking, I could happily chop, roast and sautee all day long, however I'm not the world's best baker. Last night however I tried Laura's Honey Cookies thinking that if her daughter could manage them I could surely attempt them! And I'm happy to report that they were a complete success! I have so many gadgets and tools to make life easier when I'm cooking and filled with a new found confidence in the baking stakes I decided that I need to update my baking utensils!

Unfortunately these silicone bowls from Isi are not on the shelves yet as I've decided that I have to have them! Are these or are these not the best invention ever! They're the kind of thing that you look at and think - why didn't someone come up with that sooner!

These flexible bowls can be used as a regular bowl for mixing and stirring or they can be manouvered into the shape of a spout for pouring, the clear plastic lid lets them hold their shape so they can be used for storage, as I said - best invention ever!

Isi are also responsible for other innovative kitchen items that you might be familiar with, like this silicone oven mitt.


Laura said...

Well done you! And not an onion in sight!

MT said...

It's a baking miracle! :)

lorraine@italianfoodies said...

Yahooo! Well done! Crack open the bubbly!!

MT said...

It's as good an excuse as any!