Thursday, May 10, 2007

Bank Holiday Homeware Hunting by Maz

A tale of the trials and tribulations of finding the perfect ware, by Maz at Style Treaty!

I hope everyone had as productive a bank holiday weekend as I did. My search for the perfect white tableware is over (Mary T has had to listen to this for months so I’d say she’s as relieved as I am!). I wanted to find the plainest whitest ware I could get, I wanted to buy them separately as I only wanted plates and side plates. (I have cereal bowls from the simply white collection in Dunnes and I have an impressive collection of Disney mugs that I have collected from holiday destinations with Disney Stores).

On the suggestion of my significant other we took a drive to Bunratty on Bank Holiday to have a look at Avoca and Meadows and Byrne. First we called into Avoca to look at their collection of books. I found a great book on Dining spaces and a great one on Kitchens, I think I’ll be making the trip back out there to get those at some stage. They also have a great selection of Cookbooks and luxury food items. Of course they also have clothes and accessories but on this particular day our focus was household!

It was then onto Meadows and Byrne, where I found the holy grail of tableware from this collection. I was able to buy these separately so I got 6 plates (€4 each) and 6 side plates (€2 each).

Here are some of my other favourites from Meadows and Byrne

This table would fill our whole apartment at the moment but in the meantime I can imagine it in the house I don’t have yet….

It would comfortably sit 8 people and is a lovely light colour, €799 for the table and €198 for the chairs. You can also get an extension set to make the table even bigger!!

This Onda dinner set has 50% off at the moment

They also have some lovely glassware, like these Zara wine glasses.

€4.95 each

I would definitely recommend Meadows and Byrne if you’re looking for any Kitchen or home ware. It’s a lot more reasonable than I thought it would be!!

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lorraine@italianfoodies said...

We're moving into a new house in the summer so I'll def take a trip out there. I never think of meadows and byrne!