Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Past Times

Do any of you remember the Past Times store that used to reside on Cruises St. in Limerick? I think it was where the current Thornton's shop is... wasn't it? I used to love that shop and was devastated when it closed, it was always a great place for Christmas and Birthday presents for Mums and Grandmothers!

I was just browsing on their online shop and they have such beautiful quaint gifts such as...

These planters would look great in a conservatory or even by a window in your living room, you can either rest them on a shelf or hang them from the ceiling. They cost £39.99 (approx €58.). To me they look like an old birdcage. If you do happen to find an old bird cage in an antique shop or car boot sale then I'd advise you to snap it up, paint it white and you've got a budget version of these planters!

I love this dragon fly perfume bottle, it's costs £12.99 (€19. ish) and has a dropper inside. I love the ornate detail.

This Blue & White Ball Box which imitates Staffordshire ironstone design would be the perfect home for any treasures or trinkets that you currently have thrown on your dressing table! £10. (approx €15.)

And here's a pretty way to hide your dirty laundry! As the website suggests, this would be very handy to take with you on holidays. This costs £16.99 or €25.

Unfortunately they only seem to ship to UK addresses but they do still have a store on Wicklow St. in Dublin and Fountain St. in Belfast, definitely on my "to be visited list" next time I'm in Dublin. I remember years ago when the store was in Limerick I spent all of my birthday money one year on a Christmas Snow Globe (which seems unusual seeing as my birthday is in August!). It had a mahogony base and a large globe with a girl ice-skating and when you wind it up it plays an Austrian waltz, this still has pride of place on my mantel piece every Christmas!

Past Times also has some beautiful garden pieces, but in protest of the disappearance of our heat-wave I'm going to hold off on doing a post about these until the sun comes out again!

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