Sunday, May 20, 2007

Brazilian Agate

Yes I know I've probably done enough posts on Elsewares at this stage, like here... and here... but I just love their products. Ok I'm doing this post on Elsewares today and one tomorrow but that's it - promise! (maybe...)

I just had to share these Hors d'Oeuvre plates with you, how fantastic would it be to serve your guests with these plates, dismissing their oohs and ahhs with mutterings of "oh these old things, they're nothing special, just some Brazilian agate...". Am I the only one that's not exactly sure what agate is? As far as I can find out agate is a type of quartz...

The plates (which can be ordered here) cost $68. each, not exactly cheap for a 9 inch plate but if you do happen to get a set as a present I want to be invited to the dinner party!


Maz said...

They are so cool, if you buy me one as a leaving present, I'll buy you one too!!!

only joking by the way!!!

MT said...

Ok I'll make you a deal - if either of us gets married in the next ten years these can be the wedding presents we buy!