Monday, May 21, 2007

A Wine Glass But Not as You Know It!

Well here it is - my final post on Elsewares! (I find it funny that I'm even pretending as I know I'll have another one up here probably by next week...).

I'm really struggling with the temptation to buy this fab Ming Oil and Vinegar set. I love it because it's stylish and novel at the same time!

As you can see its a very simple design made to imitate a wine glass turned upside down. The designer from Dutch company Jansen + Co. apparently takes particular enjoyment from deconstructing familiar items and redefining their use. According to elsewares this item is not just attractive its clever too as the narrow stem reduces flow making the liquid easy to measure as you pour.

For the reasonable price of $28. (approx. €20.) you get the two glasses in a stylish box along with a funnel for easy filling and a cleaning brush.

I love how the oil and vinegar actually look like red and white wine. I think these would make a great house warming gift. Anyone who likes cooking and enjoys wine would get a kick out if these.


zee homebug said...

I like! Cool that they're under €22 for the pair too so there's no possibilty of getting suckered into paying import duty- always a plus!

Maz said...

The picture above with the tomatoes and mozzarella (not sure if that's correct spelling), that's what I had for lunch on sunday!! Didn't use vinegar though, just oil, basil, salt and pepper!!

lorraine@italianfoodies said...

They're really nice!! I may purchase them for my new abode!! Well done Maz, better off without vinegar on caprese!!!