Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Design Onion

I love unique or unusual pieces of furniture and I've just recently learned of the work of Limerick born furniture designer Eric O'Donnell. Design Onion was formed just this year by Eric and another very talented furniture designer, Donegal-born Ronan Lowery.

Both men studied Furniture Design & Manufacture at Letterfrack furniture college and their website tells you that they "strive to create unique and innovative pieces of furniture combining traditional woodworking techniques with modern and unusual materials".

This is certainly true of Eric O'Donnel's thatched bench, this was made as a live project for the National Museum of Ireland and was recently featured in the Sunday Times. Click here to read more about it.

Here's another beautiful piece featured on the website, this Walnut coffee table (I love anything walnut!) is said to draw its inspiration from ocean swells.

To check out more of their work or to contact Design Onion go to www.designonion.net

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Anonymous said...

Im blown away by the design onions work, I cant wait to see what they think up next.