Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Rectangular Vase

Maz pointed out this vase to me earlier in the week and I immediately fell in love with it. She suggested that it would look great with some short stemmed flowers - I couldn't have suggested anything better myself!

You could also fill this vase with some colourful summer posies or some simple daisies and use it as a pretty centre piece for a brunch or lunch with friends, dress the table in a nice white table cloth with white napkins and you'll have an instantly elegant table.

If you're looking for good quality flowers on a budget then take yourself down to Lidl or Aldi. I buy flowers here almost every weekend. Last week I bought a really nice bunch of white tulips in Lidl for €2.99, on my way home I stopped for petrol and saw the exact same bunch for €6.99 at the petrol station, I don't think there's any justifying that!

The vase above costs €24.50 from Instore

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