Monday, May 14, 2007

Flower Power

I was browsing earlier on the beautiful Inspire Co. website and came across these felt tulips that I love!

I'm not generally a fan of dried flowers (although you can get some nice ones that can work in the right setting) and I absolutely abhor plastic flowers (they remind me of graveyards...) but I do know that fresh flowers are not always practical. That's why I love to find funky alternatives like these felt flowers.

If any of you have been to Amsterdam you'll know that almost every shop you walk past has an abundance of these painted wooden tulips that will only set you back a couple of euro for a bunch.

I love these tulips and the last time I was there I bought a bunch of plain white ones. I displayed them in a large tall vase filled with white sand to keep them in place.

If you are going to go down the route of artificial flowers then the best advice I can give is to find something like these felt or wooden ones that make no apologies for the fact that they are artificial and are not trying to look like real flowers and make a feature out of them!

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