Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Interiors in the City

The interiors you create can really reveal a lot about your personality. As your personality and your life changes you will probably subconsciously change your interior along with you.

Take my sister and I for example, we've always had quite different personalities and while we were growing up I had my bedroom decorated with deep blues and purples while my sister decorated her room with lemon and cream. As we got older Catherine changed her room to mostly purple and I changed to pale greens and creams.

I think you can tell a lot about someone by how they choose to decorate their home, stepping into someone's home will give you a sneak peak at their personality. To show this I'm going to use the example of my favourite show - Sex in the City!

Carrie's apartment (my personal favourite!)

Carrie's apartment has a lived in look, verging on messy. It's got a real beauty about it but is far from flawless with bags under the hall table, mail on the floor, drawers open...

Charlotte's apartment...

Charlotte's apartment is elegant and classical. There are a lot of floral patterns to give a feminine appearance. Everything has it's place and the finishing touches are not forgotten.

Miranda's apartment

Miranda's apartment is safe to the point of being boring. There seems to be a fear of introducing any colour or pattern, she chose to use sensible dull and muted colours.

Samantha's apartment...

Samantha's apartment has a drama about it! There is no fear of colour here. There is a vibrancy and excitement about this interior. Oh and the bed is the focal point of the whole place!

Visit the HBO website to find out more about the girls and their interiors!


Petra said...

I have always loved Carrie's apartment, it is such a cosy place. Charlotte's apartment is also nice, but a bit too perfect for my taste.

MT said...

Yeah I'm definitely more of a Carrie girl too! Can't imagine being allowed to drink a glass of red wine in Charlottes house!

Anonymous said...

I would kill for samantha's place!