Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Olio & Farina

One of my favourite shops in Limerick is Olio & Farina. Hailing from Genova, Olio & Farina have the world famous Italian passion and enthusiasm for quality food. Their store on Little Catherine St., Limerick has the most delicious pasta and bruschetta sauces, not to mention their collection of olive oil and wines!

Apart from their delicious food they also stock some great "home" items and gifts. They specialise in Olive wood, a beautiful wood with a natural warmth and depth. Olio & Farina tell us that Olive wood requires a good number of years before reaching maturation point. A true work of art, owning one of our handmade products is to own a piece of history.

Here are a few beautiful pieces from their collection

Spaghetti Measure €11.99

Lemon Squeezer & Honey Drizzler €13.99

Mortar & Pestel €36.99

There's just something about using wooden utensils and tools in your kitchen, it feels really traditional, like you're really creating something as you cook! Apart from the items above there are great gift sets available from Olio & Farina. You can either get one ready made or create one yourself, these would make a really personal and very useful house warming present!

Visit Olio & Farina to find out more about them.

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Maz said...

O&F is a great place to get a housewarming, I got Margaret (from Style Treaty)a gift from there and Susan (the owner) was so helpful, she suggested things that would be nice together. I went for some things that would be nice to use as nibbles at a housewarming and some of this Prosecco (champagne)
I also gor the spaghetti Measure as I wanted to get sth they would be able to keep.