Wednesday, May 2, 2007

La La La La La La Long Weekend...

With the long weekend so close you can almost reach out and touch it, and with the unexpected heat wave we're having set to continue then I'm sure there are more than a few of you planning a BBQ over the next few days!

If you haven't already got your BBQ sorted for this summer then you should take yourself down to Cunningham's Garden, Tipp. Road, Limerick as they have a great range of Sunshine and Legend BBQs in stock. But the best thing about these is the accessories you can get for these BBQs that could actually help to turn the cooking part of the BBQ into an enjoyable task!

I love BBQs but as a veggie I'm often left just eating bread with a few roasted onions, that's why I think this Wok Hot plate is the best invention ever! You remove the griddle or char-grill plate and insert it with this plate so you can stir-fry to your heart's content! Genious!

This warming rack can fit a lot of the BBQs that Cunningham's have in stock, it's the perfect way to keep food warm while your guests are queuing up for seconds!

This Barrel cooker lid means that you can roast whole joints of meat (and maybe some bread or a pasta bake for us veggies!) as it transforms your BBQ into an oven.

If I haven't convinced you yet then these gorgeous garden lanterns might encourage you to decorate your garden and invite your friends over this weekend. These gorgeous colourful lanterns were featured on Homebug last month and are avaliable from Dunnes. Perfect for some cheap and cheerful decorations!

And if there really is no convincing you then I give up, let the experts do the cooking for you by heading to Limerick City for Riverfest this weekend and sample the goods at the River-Feast BBQ on George's Quay.

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