Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Plaid Flamingos

I think I've mentioned a few times before that I love a busy kitchen. I like everything to be neat, organised and orderly but for me this also has to encorporate a friendly lived in look.

When it comes to tableware I love everything to be mis-matched, but matching if that makes any sense! I've got lots of glasses at home that would be the same shape as each other but different colours, or plates that are all matching colours but some are round, some are square, some are rectangular. To sum up - I'm just not one for matching plain white round plates!

I love this plaid and pink flamingo plate set from The set costs $25. for a 9" flamingo plate, 11" plaid plate and 13" flamingo platter.

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Deborah said...

Those are gorgeous! Love them!