Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Oriental Aqua from Debenham's

I love Chinese cooking and what better way to pass an evening than inviting a group of friends over and cooking a tasty Sweet & Sour or Black Bean (or cheating and ordering a take away...). I found these "Oriental Aqua" items in Debenham's that would be great for just such an occasion.

While I'm not planning on splashing out on a new set of tableware just for a girl's night in, I think that these would be gorgeous for anyone with a mostly white Kitchen or Dining Room, especially if you already have tones of blue in the room. I think it's so important to have your tableware in keeping with the colour scheme of your room, especially if it's going to be on display in your Kitchen.

I got these pictures from the Debenham's website, sorry that the prices are in sterling.

Noodle Bowl Set £35.

Sushi Set £35.

Large Square Plate £12.

Long Dish £15.

Teapot £30.

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Maz said...

I love the teapot, that bamboo handle is gorgeous!!