Friday, February 2, 2007

A Little Bit Retro

I love all of these retro Kitchen appliances that have become so popular lately. Because manufacturers have cottoned on to this trend it's now possible to get plenty of items that combine the retro, vintage look with the convenience of regular modern appliances.

The retro look is a great choice for anyone who's not a big fan of high-tech appliances but still wants something a bit funky and fashionable. Retro items usually come in cream, duck egg blue, red or very pale pink colours. The cream items would obviously give you more freedom with the colours in the rest of your kitchen.

I know that Dunnes had some really nice retro items (including a gorgeous radio) a few months back but they may have finished this range. Instore is also always a good bet for these items. Here are a few items I found, all of which are available online from the Kitchen Dresser.

Vintage Cheese Dome €26.95

Retro Vintage Enambled Colander €14.95

Red Prestige Deco Toaster €47.95

Retro Scales €28.95

Retro items like these would look great in any kitchen with a retro Smeg fridge!

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Maz said...

I have that colander!!